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We Recommend Pelham for Frisco City Council Place 3 

"Of the four candidates seeking to represent Place 3 on the Frisco City Council, one stands out as clearly the most prepared, the most knowledgeable, and the most able to answer the challenges and opportunities Frisco will see in the coming years. That is Angelia Pelham...."

~ The Dallas Morning News, 04-01-2021

“As another woman who has been in the C-Suite for years, I am excited to support Angelia’s run for Frisco City Council Place 3.

She understands that during these very stressful COVID times, companies and their employees need to be connected to the city so that all citizens may easily access physical and mental assistance in times of need.”

~ Barbara Fasola, CEO, Careington

"Angelia understands the importance of our historic Downtown Rail District, not only for tourist economy, but for our own citizens. With her business acumen and senior management skills, she also realizes that it’s the small business who are the true backbone of our city both culturally and financially and that the city must support and back their growth. I am very happy to endorse Angelia Pelham for Frisco City Council Place 3.”

~ Donny Churchman, CEO & President, Nack Development