Angelia’s First-Term Accomplishments

Public Safety

Angelia pledged to support public safety and has been vocal about ensuring our police and fire departments are sufficiently staffed. Since she’s been on council:

  • Frisco has been recognized as #1 Safest City in America (SmartAsset, 2022 and 2023)
  • Since she’s been on council, we have added 85 police and fire personnel through our annual budgeting process which totals $11M investment in public safety personnel for FY 22-24.
  • Additionally, since she’s been on council, she has voted to invest $9M in new and supplemental public safety equipment; $61M including bond funding for FY 22-24.
  • She has been a consistent presence at police swearing in ceremonies of new officers; attended ceremonial push-ins of new fire apparatus; attends the annual Community Awareness Night supporting police and fire personnel.
  • She has hosted podcasts showcasing the women in Frisco public safety; and has been the leader and coordinator to partner with the Frisco police and fire departments to host a Diversity in Public Safety Careers event where over 60 residents were in attendance.
  • She has strategically worked with the FPD and communities of color on a couple of bridge-building issues to ensure the relationships between the police and the communities of color remain strong and intact.
  • She has supported the bond approved 10th fire station and police/fire training facility voted on by Frisco residents in May 2023.

Economic Growth & Development

Angelia pledged to support economic growth and development to increase the number of quality employment opportunities within the city of Frisco and to ensure the tax burden is shared with our corporate partners, reducing the impact on our private citizens. Since she’s been on council:

  • She has voted twice to increase the Homestead Tax Exemption from 10% to 12.5% to 15% with plans to achieve the state maximum of 20%.
  • She has voted to implement a Seniors Tax Freeze for homeowners 65 years and older.
  • She has worked directly with the Frisco Economic Development Corporation (FEDC) on several deals to “strategically sell” the merits of Frisco to C-suite executives.
  • She was part of initial discussions with TIAA executives as they were conducting due diligence of Frisco; and was instrumental in helping to secure our first Fortune 100 corporate relocation.
  • She was part of the delegation to vet the Universal Theme Park resort. Universal will bring $400M in direct economic impact and $3.5B of indirect impact over 20 years.
  • She continues to be a strong voice in support of the Frisco downtown/Rail District investment and development.

Community Engagement

Angelia pledged to support community engagement ensuring a “One Frisco” mindset as she attended events ranging from ethnic, cultural, faith-based, police swearing-ins, fire push-ins, veterans, senior citizens, youth, sororities/fraternities, small businesses, non-profits, large corporate partnerships, and many more that impact all four corners of Frisco.

Since she’s been on council:

  • Angelia has attended or been a part of over 260 community events representing every demographic of our city.
  • She has been instrumental in influencing greater diversity representation on our boards and commissions and supporting the work of the city’s inclusion committee.
  • She has voted to approve over $200K in contributions this year to community-focused
    non-profit organizations such as Frisco Family Services, Hope’s Door New Beginnings, Boys & Girls Club, and Grace to Change.
  • She has been instrumental in creating opportunities for bridge-building in the community with law enforcement and creating access to large corporations such as the PGA for communities of color.
  • She has worked with a community leader to strategically partner two local non-profits together to offer the first free mental health workshop offered publicly to Frisco residents.
  • She has served as a mentor for several students in the FISD.
  • She continues to serve as Chair of the non-profit Linking Cultures of Frisco that has awarded over $80K in scholarships to FISD juniors and seniors.

Other Accomplishments

  • She worked with Council on the search and selection for the city’s new City Manager, backfilling the only City Manager that Frisco has ever had.